The Benefits of Invisalign

Your beautiful smile may not be exactly up to your standards and that’s okay. There are many options to brighten, heal, or straighten your smile and get it exactly where you want it to be. One of the most common difficulties people deal with when correcting their smile is misalignment or crooked teeth. The extra difficulty comes in when you realize their main option for straightening correction is braces. The normal reluctance for braces begins to take shape as you realize that you’ll be restricted to certain foods, you’ll have to take extra steps to care for them, and you’ll also have to deal with the way they look and feel on your teeth. You may not realize however, that you have another more comfortable and less intrusive option for correcting your smile.


Invisalign Keeps Your Smile Clear

This aligner is a clear fitted plastic that is formed to your teeth and is virtually invisible. It removes the bulky metal that braces bring as an aligner and keeps your smile clear and unobstructed. Invisalign braces cover your entire teeth up to the gum line and remove all metal and wire from the equation. The clearness of the plastic and the custom-made fit ensure that they are hardly noticeable and do not act as a distraction.

Easy Home Care

With metal and wire braces you have to take extra care to remove food particles from in between the metal parts. You also have to wait for a professional dentist to remove them from or place the braces onto your teeth. With Invisalign, you can remove your braces at any time to clean them and then place them back once your teeth once everything is spick and span.

Eat Anything with Invisalign

Traditional braces limit what you can eat because of the delicate wires and the potential for food to get stuck in your teeth without a good way to get it out. You are advised against eating hard candy, chewing gum, and biting down hard on ice, apples, corn on the cob and everything else that is too dense. With Invisalign however, you can continue to eat whatever you enjoy. The Invisalign braces can easily be removed at any time when you want to eat and then afterward you simply put the Invisalign braces back in once you are finished. This removes the hazard of breaking any wires or damaging expensive gear.

Invisalign braces are Comfortable

Metal and wire scraping against you lips, tongue, and gums can be irritating and painful. The extra bulk can also cause you to talk differently for a small amount of time until you’ve had time to adjust to the added materials in your mouth. Invisalign minimizes the speech adjustment because of the custom fit and thin layer that covers your teeth. The smooth plastic also does not irritate the sensitive skin in your mouth.

Faster Improvements

Traditional braces can take years to adjust your teeth the way you want them. Invisalign has been known to work quickly in comparison and even requires less dental visits during treatment. With metal and wire braces you are required to go in to see your dentist every two weeks or so for wire tightening and a general check. Invisalign braces however, only require a dental visit about every six weeks, so you spend less time at the dentist and more time doing what you love.

Invisalign braces have a fair number of advantages over traditional braces. While they are not right for everyone and every case, they are a good option for many needing or wanting their teeth aligned straighter. If you are looking for a more comfortable, easier to manage option for straighter teeth, consult Bonaventure Dental today and see if Invisalign is the clear choice for you.