Braces Friendly Foods

The road to a perfect smile can be a tough one. Although braces can be a bit of a headache, sometimes they’re necessary for the smile you’ve been wanting. One reason braces can be annoying is the restrictions they cause on food. Certain foods can break your brackets and if they break too often you can end up extending the period of time you have to wear braces. Check out the list below of braces safe food and get that perfect smile sooner rather than later.


Most fruit is soft won’t damage your braces. You can safely eat soft and sweet fruits such as watermelons, grapes, and bananas or opt for citrus or sour fruits like grapefruit, oranges, and clementines with your braces. There are some fruits you should avoid however because of their solidity. Stay away from or chew dense fruits like apples and nectarines with care as they can break your brackets.


Vegetables are a great food option if you have braces, provided that they are cooked and soft. Steamed vegetables like carrots, cauliflower, and potatoes can be delicious and healthy. Try to avoid eating any vegetables raw however, as they can damage your braces.


Everybody loves grains, whether it’s noodles or rice. To your benefit most noodles and rice are perfectly safe to eat with braces, as they are soft and easy to chew. Live up the braces life by enjoying some extra pasta or rice dishes.


Boneless seafood is a great option for those with braces. Most seafood is soft and easy to eat and has a wonderful taste. As long as you aren’t biting down on the shells of certain cretaceous creatures you should be fine. As for meat, soft-cooked chicken, lunch meat, and any meat that is easy to break down should be fine. Avoid any chewy meats however such as steak or lamb.


This is your time to load up on the soft sweets. Ice cream, smoothies and milkshakes, Jell-O, and cake are yours for the eating. You will have to stay away from the sweets that are chewy or hard however, so avoid nuts or caramel. Also, avoid any hard or chewy candy that stands alone like Starburst, licorice, and lollipops.

You can eat more than you think with your braces and although you will have to be a little more careful, you can still enjoy something salty, sweet, and savory every day. Eat with care and you’ll have that perfect smile in no time.