How to Ease Your Baby’s Teething Pain

Your cute bundle of joy is reaching that age when they’re starting to form a beautiful set of pearly whites. Unfortunately, as those sparkling teeth begin to pop up, your baby will start to feel some discomfort. Along with giving them a bunch of hugs, try out these few ways to soothe your baby’s pain and comfort them so they only use those teeth for smiles.

Chilled washcloth

Just like athletes applying ice to an injury to make it feel better, applying something cold to your baby’s gums can help numb the pain. Place a damp washcloth in the refrigerator and let it chill before giving it to your baby to chew. The washcloth will be soft and cool and help numb their gums safely.

You can also soak a washcloth in chamomile tea instead of water for an even more comforting effect.


Applying soft pressure to your baby’s gums will help distract them from their teething pain. Gently massaging their gums with a clean finger is a safe and easy way to help your baby forget about the discomfort they’re feeling.


Chilled Teether or Toy

Using chilled objects to alleviate pain has been an effective remedy for ages. Chilling a beloved toy, pacifier, or teether in the refrigerator before giving it to your child can reduce their teething pain significantly and get them back to their bubbly selves soon. Chilling something they are familiar with can add an additional comforting effect and also help keep their mind off the pain.

If your baby is cranky now and you don’t have time to chill the teether, toy, or pacifier first, giving them the object at room temperature can still help distract them from the pain.

Chilled Fruit

Eating can offer that counter pressure on your baby’s gums that acts as a distraction from the pain. Offering them chilled fruit in a baby-safe mesh feeder bag can offer them that distraction as well as a scrumptious snack.

Over the Counter Medicine

Over the counter pain relievers specifically for teething pain are available at most pharmacies and can help soothe your baby’s pain quickly. However, before using any pain relievers, talk to your pediatrician first. They will be up to date on any recalls and can help you pick something appropriate and safe for your baby.

While this can be a difficult time for your little one, these solutions can help get your little one through their teething stage. Along with lots of love, try out these tips and find one that relieves your baby’s discomfort.