Must Have Dental Treatments

15 May 2018 Uncategorized

People tend to go to the dentist when they have to, either because their semi-annual appointment has finally rolled around or because they have a dental emergency that needs to be addressed immediately. Dentists have an array of other treatments for clients however that go far beyond the standard cleaning or emergency procedure. These treatments offer benefits that can improve your oral health, confidence, and prevent future problems. We list three must-have dental treatments that can be easily added at your next dentist visit and can boost your oral health and confidence.


Fluoride Treatment

While fluoride treatments are popular for children, they aren’t only beneficial to small teeth. According to the American Dental Association, if you’re prone to cavities, fluoride treatments can help. Fluoride protects your teeth from the bacteria that cause plaque and cavities and can even repair the early stages of damage to teeth from cavities.

Many toothpastes and mouth rinses contain fluoride, and depending on where you live, some water is even fluoridated to help citizens maintain strong, healthy teeth. Fluoride treatments from your dentist are more concentrated in fluoride than the pastes and rinses you find at the store and can prevent damage and restore your teeth back to health more effectively. These boosting treatments are beneficial to the health of your mouth and only add a few minutes to your dental visit. Depending on your inclination for getting cavities, your dentist can give you fluoride treatments every three, six, or 12 months to help you maintain your smile.

Sealant Treatment

Your teeth are porous and rough with many ridges and grooves. While brushing and flossing usually removes most of the food and plaque from your pearly whites, sometimes bacteria can stick in the smallest of places and cause big issues. Many people especially have trouble keeping the teeth at the back of the mouth clean and are looking for something to help.

Those wanting to protect their teeth and take preventative measures can benefit from asking their dentist for a sealant treatment. This treatment involves placing a thin, usually plastic, coating on the surfaces of the teeth and protects them by preventing food from becoming lodged in the teeth. Sealants are painless, do not take long to apply, and can help protect your teeth for several years.

Whitening Treatment

Over time your teeth slowly loose their sparkling white appearance. Food and drink, age, and other habits you may have slowly darken and yellow your teeth over time. A whitening treatment at your next dentist appointment will go a long way toward making your teeth shine a brilliant white once again. Dentist whitening treatments are more effective than store bought treatments or whitening tooth pastes because they have stronger whitening agents that dentists have access to and can administer in a safe and controlled environment.

Whitening treatments can take as little as 20 minutes to complete and may only have a temporary sensitivity side effect that will diminish over a few days. Some whitening treatments also contain a fluoride boost that will help protect your teeth and repair minor damage. This type of dental treatment can restore your confident smile and strengthen your tooth enamel.

Dentists have more dental services to offer beyond the standard cleaning and emergency services. They can help you protect and restore your smile and bring it back to its best healthy state in no time at all. Talk to your dentist today about fluoride, sealant, and whitening treatments to ensure your brilliant white smile is strong and protected from future problems.