Guarding Your Smile with a Mouth Guard

Summer is the perfect time to be outside playing and getting into mischief. With all the summer fun however, comes a little risk for injury. Many people remember to wear kneepads, helmets, and sturdy shoes but forget to protect their beautiful smiles. A mouth guard is an important part of your safety during casual play or serious sports. It offers the protection you need for your smile.


The Reason You Need a Mouth Guard

Mouth guards are not required for many sports; even some high-impact sports don’t require them for players, but they can protect players from serious dental injuries. A mouth guard acts as a protectant for your teeth. It absorbs much of the impact from a direct blow to the face or teeth or redistributes the impact so it is not concentrated enough in one spot to do damage. In activities or sports that put your face in harm’s way, wearing a mouth guard can prevent against tooth fractures, tooth displacement, tooth loss, and bone fractures.

A mouth guard also protects the soft tissue surrounding your teeth including your gums, lips, and the inside of your cheeks. Teeth are quite sharp and with enough force they can bite through soft tissue with ease. An unexpected impact could cause you to injure your lips, teeth, or gums if you don’t have a mouth guard to prevent punctures and tears in your soft tissue.

Types of Mouth Guards

Mouth guard protection can come in different forms. You can get a moldable mouth guard and customize it yourself, a professionally fitted mouth guard, or a preformed mouth guard that requires little customization. The preformed mouth guard allows for instant protection and is the most convenient but doesn’t offer the best protection or fit. Often times the preformed protectants can slip easily and cause uncomfortable wear and less protection. The moldable mouth guards are customized at home, fit better, and won’t slip around as easily, providing better protection. The professionally made mouth guards will offer the best fit and protection due to the customization and scanning for exact dimensions but can fall on the pricey side.

Mouth Guard Care

Like all other sport equipment, the proper care of a mouth guard is essential to prolong its life. Regularly brushing your mouth guard with toothpaste after each use will help prevent the build up of bacteria and help maintain its structure. For extra freshness, you can rinse your mouth guard with mouthwash after each use.

While out having fun this summer, playing sports, riding skateboards, or running around on the playground you shouldn’t have to spend your time worrying about a tooth related injury. Wearing a mouth guard will help protect your smile during the most dangerous shenanigans and keep your smile safe and strong. Take a mouth guard with you on your summer adventures and keep smiling.