Choosing a New Dentist After a Move

Moving to a new place brings a lot of change. Your initial concerns may be unpacking, adjusting to your new home, getting to know the community, and helping your children transition to their new school. While there are many changes to adjust to, it is also important to find a new dentist. This can be a daunting task as there are multiple dentists in any given town, so here are some tips on how to find a dentist after a move.


Create a List of Criteria

The first thing you should do when choosing a new dentist is to make a list of your specific criteria that must be met. Proximity to your home, work, or school is often an important criterion, as it will be easier for you to make regular checkups if the dentist is close by.

Be sure to take note of your family’s specific needs such as specialization in care for young children, a handicap-accessible office, etc. so that you can ensure the dentist office will accommodate you properly.

Finally, make sure to specify that you require a dentist that is up to the safety and professionalism standards set by the American Dental Association. This will help to ensure that you are getting the best oral care for you and your family.

 Ask For Recommendations

A good way to get the name of a reliable dentist is by asking for recommendations from friends and neighbors in your new community. They will likely be honest and share if they have had pleasant or unpleasant experiences with a dentist, which can help you narrow down your potential list.

Asking your previous dentist for suggestions is another good way to transition after a move. He or she may know of people in your new community through mutual connections and offer a reliable and honest recommendation. Your previous dentist may also be a member of professional organizations such as the American Dental Association or the Academy of General Dentistry. If this is the case, then your previous dentist will have access to a membership booklet and can help refer you to a trustworthy professional in the area.

Lastly, talk to your insurance company for recommendations. They will be able to provide a list of dentists in the area that work with your family’s current healthcare plan, which will easily narrow down your list.

 Ask Questions

After narrowing down your list to a few good potential dentists, do a little research over the phone or in person. Ask questions regarding the specific criteria you previously listed – will each one be met? Ask the dentist what you should expect during your first exam. This will help gauge whether or not the dentist will meet your set standards. Next, inquire about the office’s hours of operations to ensure that they are convenient for your schedule. Finally, note how well the office staff treated you. This will help gauge whether you and your family will have pleasant experiences in the future.

 First Checkup

After you have chosen the best dentist option, set up your first checkup. Continue to take notes during your first visit to ensure that you have chosen the right dentist. Does the reception area and general office environment make you comfortable? This is important, as it will make your dentist visits much more enjoyable. A welcoming and clean office will reflect on how professional the practice is. Take note of how you feel when talking with the staff. If you are comfortable with your new dental staff then you and your family will feel right at home.

Moving to a new home and finding a dentist does not need to be a daunting task. Follow these tips to find the best dentist in your new home or call Bonaventure Dental Care for your Baton Rouge area dental needs.