Preventing Cavities 101

Your sweet tooth is calling. It’s begging for another handful of chocolaty treats. You try to resist, but it’s your favorite. You think, “It won’t be too bad to have another handful, right? What’s the worst that can happen?” You cave and grab another helping, and as you do you think, “I’ll work out extra tomorrow.” Well, we’re going to give you some reasons why your figure isn’t the only thing you should be worried about when you eat those sugary treats.       

What else suffers? Your teeth. And we’re going to explain how you can prevent that beautiful smile of yours from being tarnished.

Cavities occur when your teeth decay. Tooth decay happens when the bacteria in your mouth use the sugars and/or starches from the things you eat as their own food so they can live and multiply. When this happens, the bacteria produce an acid that destroys your tooth enamel. You need to eat (obviously), so what can you do to prevent the bacteria from feasting, multiplying and ruining your teeth?

In addition to regularly vising your dentist for your routine check-ups, brush, brush and don’t forget to brush some more. Always. Even when you’re out, we suggest you bring your toothbrush along so you can brush after you eat a meal or have a sugary drink or snack.

Think about when you’re at work for eight hours every day. You have coffee, some snacks, lunch and maybe a caffeinated sugary drink to get you through the last couple hours of your work day. Throughout the course of this typical day, you’re helping that bacteria thrive. So, bottom line, bring your toothbrush when you know you’re going to be out awhile during the day.

Besides brushing, other simple dental hygiene practices can also reduce your chances of cavities. By taking a few minutes to floss your teeth each day, and by using a mouthwash that has fluoride in it, your teeth will be squeaky clean, and bacteria will lose their battle.

Cutting back and substituting sugary foods and drinks with healthier options can also help reduce your risk for cavities. We’re not saying you can’t ever have sugary foods, but just do so in moderation. Instead of munching on a whole box of cookies, just have one, or better yet, have a piece of fruit instead. Just don’t overdo it. By making simple substitutions for healthier items, you’re not only promoting a happy healthy smile, but also promoting a healthy body as well. Who doesn’t want that?

Let’s face it; you don’t want to end up in the dentists’ chair foranything other than your routine cleaning. So next time your sweet tooth beckons for just one more handful of sugary chocolaty candies, just remember our simple tips and suggestions and put them into practice. Your teeth will thank you, we promise.