Is Coffee Ruining Your Smile Why Coffee Stains Your Teeth

When it comes to gearing up to take on the day, many of us rely on the old and true tradition of coffee. It’s the first thing we think about when we wake up and the only thing that helps us get through those rough Mondays. While coffee works miracles in the way of energy, it’s less miraculous for the whiteness of your smile. While we wish we could say it wasn’t so, the truth is that coffee stains your pearly whites and also has other negative effects on your teeth. You can help fight off the stains and consequences however, by being aware of the risks, adjusting some habits, and taking a few extra steps in your dental care routine.


Why Coffee Stains Your Teeth

The surfaces of your teeth are not as smooth as you might think. They are full of microscopic bumps and pits, which allows for food and drink contents to be caught and trapped, causing discoloration overtime. Combine your teeth’s naturally porous surface with the substances called tannins that are found in many dark colored drinks including coffee, wine, and tea, and you have tooth discoloration just waiting to happen. Tannins are color compounds that attach to your teeth more freely than other compounds and are a major player in tooth discoloration. Without the proper preventative measures and solutions, the tannins in coffee can have you showing the world your less-than-perfect smile.

Ways to Prevent Coffee Stains

While giving up coffee completely is the best way to prevent stains, we know that it’s just not going to happen. Coffee is a staple for many people but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. There are some simple solutions to lessen the yellowing effect of coffee. The first thing you can do is drink coffee in one sitting instead of drinking it throughout the day. This will prevent the tannins from sitting on your teeth all day by allowing you to brush your teeth soon after finishing your coffee and removing those staining compounds from your teeth. After each sip of coffee, you can also take a sip of water to wash away some of the tannins and prevent stains. If you want to take it a step further you can drink your coffee through a straw so the coffee doesn’t even get the chance to touch your teeth.

Getting Rid of Coffee Stains

If your smile is already showing the staining effects of coffee, don’t panic, you can still get your smile back to its original brilliance with a little extra care. Normally, your dentist is able to remove most of the stains brought on by coffee at your regular dental visits. However, if you’re an avid coffee drinker or you want a stronger whitening affect than normal, there are other options available. For a quick solution there is a safe bleaching option called Sinsational Smile that can dramatically whiten your teeth in one 20-minute session with your dentist. You can also buy teeth whitening treatments at the store and utilize whitening toothpaste to gradually whiten your teeth overtime.

With all the coffee lovers, java enthusiasts, and caffeine cravers out in the world, you can count on dentists’ abilities to keep your smile white by removing stains caused by your most needed beverage. Talk to your dentist for more information if you are concerned about coffee stains and remember to keep those pearly whites spotless by drinking water and brushing your teeth after your morning coffee routine.