Foods to Avoid After You Have a Cavity Filled


Maybe you scheduled your dentist appointment right around lunchtime, and you’re starting to regret skipping lunch before you headed to the dentist office. As the dentist cleans your teeth and fills your cavity, the only thing on your mind is what you can eat after this is all over. But wait, are you allowed to eat after having a cavity filled?

Don’t worry, your rumbling stomach can get what it wants even after a cavity filling, you just need to be a little cautious of what you eat.

Composite vs. Amalgam Cavity Filling

There are two types of cavity fillings, composite and amalgam. The amalgam fillings are a grey metal mixture and take around 24 hours to completely dry. Composite fillings are a white resin paste, which hardens immediately once your dentist exposes the paste to a curing light.

Dentists suggest patients wait several hours before eating anything after an amalgam filling and then only soft foods for 24 hours. For composite fillings, the time frame is almost non-existent, as dentists say you can eat soft foods immediately after. For both fillings however, dentists also suggest you consider the following factors that may have you waiting to eat for a little longer.

Numbing Power

When having a cavity filled, your dentist will sometimes numb a large portion of your mouth. While numbing your mouth prevents you from feeling any pain during the procedure, it also prevents you from feeling anything afterward as well. The combination of your mouth being both numb and swollen may result in you biting your tongue or cheek. We suggest you wait until the numbing effects wear off to eat, or at the very least, chew slowly and carefully.

Sensitivity Blues

Another factor that may affect your eating habits after a filling is how your teeth react to temperatures. Often times, a cavity filling will leave your teeth sensitive to not only pressure but also extreme hot and cold temperatures. This sensitivity can last anywhere from a few hours to several days so it is wise to take eating hot and cold food slowly.

The Hard Truth and Sticky Situations

The last thing you want to do after getting a filling is dislodge it. Hard candy, ice, gum, nuts, and other sticky or hard foods could cause a new filling to come loose. This risk is especially high for amalgam fillings but could also cause composite fillings to dislodge if not they’re not dry yet. Avoid hard and sticky foods for a solid 24 hours after any filling to be on the safe side.

There you have it, you can eat after a cavity filling. But, remember to follow your dentist’s recommendations, eat carefully, wait until you’re no longer numb, and avoid hard, sticky, hot, and cold foods, at least for 24 hours after you leave the dentist. Go ahead and eat so your stomach is no longer growling and smile your new and healthy smile.